Daka Bust

NCD warns smugglers of mustard as new cases arise

And he's warned people to refrain from bringing the mustard stick into the capital city.

This call follows new reports of mustard  bags being confiscated by NCD officials last week.

Komboi says the mustard is an integral part of the buai chewing process and as such it will not be tolerated.

PNG Loop spoke with Michael Mon, a duty officer at the NCD Tarpot area who said this morning alone under the cover of rain, a car tried to smuggle ten bags of mustard into the city but was intercepted by NCD officers at the Erima area.

Airlines urged to comply with Betelnut Ban

This was the frustrations expressed by the Airport Police Station Commander Robert Wane when he spoke with PNG Loop after this afternoon's unusual  mustard  haul at the airport.

PSC Wane tells PNG Loop that the mustard trade in the city is being facilitated by airlines who allow the  vendors to bring in the mustard.

He says that many times the passengers have been allowed to bring in their cargo of mustard which under the Betelnut Ban laws is also illegal to sell or trade.

Latest police sting hauls 22 mustard bags

Police have hauled in 22 bags belonging to different passengers who have been caught with the cargo as part of their luggage.

Currently the Airport Station Commander Robert Wane is addressing the smugglers who have been brought in for questioning.

An Air Niugini plane arrived from Lae with PSC Wane saying he will be officially notifying the airline through his office.

He said he will also be taking the matter  to the NCDC office for them take  appropriate action against  the airline company.

Drug suspicion hauls in Dog squad

The unit was called in to inspect 30 mustard bags in case of drugs being hidden among the cargo.

Airport Police Station Commander Robert Wane says the Dog unit was brought in to give clearance to the bags on site.

The bags were intercepted from a Nuigini Aviation charter place which landed into Port Moresby from Kokoda.

The two suspects Chimbu man and Wabag woman are now detained at the Airport Station waiting to be handed over to the NCDC Buai Enforcement unit.