NCD warns smugglers of mustard as new cases arise

​Paul Kombo NCDC operations manager for the “Buai or Betelnut Ban” has reiterated the call for people to observe all aspects of the betelnut ban.

And he's warned people to refrain from bringing the mustard stick into the capital city.

This call follows new reports of mustard  bags being confiscated by NCD officials last week.

Komboi says the mustard is an integral part of the buai chewing process and as such it will not be tolerated.

PNG Loop spoke with Michael Mon, a duty officer at the NCD Tarpot area who said this morning alone under the cover of rain, a car tried to smuggle ten bags of mustard into the city but was intercepted by NCD officers at the Erima area.

Another 6 bags were also smuggled in from Lae yesterday afternoon by passengers who hid them in between greens and vegetables.

All the bags were taken into the Four mile tarpot area where they will be held and then disposed of by officials with the help of the navy, at sea.

NCD is bent on keeping the ban to maintain a clean image in anticipation of several international and regional events scheduled to take place in Port Moresby.


File picture of a recent “Daka Bust”

Julianna Waeda