Treasury break-in an ‘inside job’

The incident occurred between June 28th and the early hours of June 29th when masked men entered the Agiru Centre and made off with important documents.

Community leader and former advisor to Government interface, Martin Firmin Pat, told this newsroom the incident occurred when an audit was about to be conducted into the province’s spending of public funds.

Catholic Archdiocese falls victim to break-ins

The first incident occurred on September 13 (Wednesday), when an intruder came in twice into their office at Five-Mile, pretending to look for ‘The Voice’ office.

Ariel Adraincem, a property consultant/volunteer with the archdiocese, told Loop PNG: “Around 11:30am, he sat in front of me inside my office while I was having a conversation with some visitors. I noticed him so I asked him what he was doing in my office. 

Bullets stolen in Bomana CS Armory break-in

Correctional Service Commissioner Michael Waipo says the armory was accessed with the use of a key.

No suspects have been identified at this time however police are investigating the matter.

Waipo believes this is an inside job as a result of a tussle of the current position he holds.

The armory was last accessed on Monday.

“Instructions have been issued for the changes of both the deadlock and secondary lock. Arms in the wrong hands is dangerous for everyone,” he says.

US: More than 21 million affected by government data breach

The Office of Personnel Management says more than 19 million who had applied for background investigations were affected. The government also said nearly 2 million people were also affected who weren't applicants, but rather their spouses or other family members.