Betelnut ban

Betelnut, litter ban for NCD

The ban comes in effect within the next few days, starting at the Boroko centre.

This decision is in line with the efforts to create a safe, healthy and clean city and uplift its image in terms of cleanliness and hygiene.

Following the ban review after the election, NCD has concluded that a total ban on betelnut is not the way forward for all stakeholders in the city, including both chewers and vendors.

The announcement made today is that the partial ban will be imposed only in public places and around shopping malls and commercial areas.

Chewing and selling of betelnut in public places is illegal: NCDC

That is the warning issued today from National Capital District deputy city manager social service Lulu Ted.

Ted said betelnut can only be sold in designated areas.

The identified trade and market locations are Waikele Market at Gerehu Stage 6,  Six-Mile, Saraka Market, Nine-Mile Market, Koki and Epen’s wholesale at Tete Settlement, Gerehu.

City rangers still making spot checks

NCD deputy city manager Honk Kiap says that buai (betelnut) will not be.tolerated on the streets but allowed at markets around the city periphery like Gerehu, Hanuabada and Morata markets.

Vendor: Confusion on NCDC ban

But the 54 year old father of three says that unlike his Buai (betelnut) peddling partners he is still being targeted by the NCD foot patrol crew.

Hare claims that he has lost almost K1500 worth of merchandise in the past four months because of the “constant harassment’’ that he has had to face from the NCD enforcement officers who have been abusing him often.

He claims that at one stage they held him up after a good weekend of sales and walked off with almost K800 in cash as well as a full carton of eggs.