Badili Police Station

Change of Zone 1 command in NCD Police

Senior Chief Inspector Joseph Salle will now take over the role of Central Provincial Police Commander, while Inspector Jerry Obert who was the Police station commander of Badili, maintains his role and takes on the added responsibility as Zone 1 Commander.

Abducted 18yo reunites with family

The mentally challenged young man was mistakenly linked to a robbery at the Koki bus stop earlier that afternoon.

Dominic says he was threatened into a bus 17 with a bush knife at Badili by men, possibly of Western Highlands origin. 

He was taken to Morata 1, in the North-West electorate, where he was tortured and forced to reveal information. 

“They cut me on my calf muscles on both legs so I wouldn’t run away. Then they beat me with iron rods and knife. They burnt my eyeballs with cigarette butts,” said the young man.

18yo allegedly abducted in retaliation

Dominic Cletus is alleged to have been abducted between Badili Catholic Church and ITI at Badili in Port Moresby.

His abduction is believed to be linked to a robbery yesterday evening at Koki.

According to father Cletus Gomiai, a PMV bus was held up by drunk youths at Koki earlier that afternoon.

In retaliation, he claims a group of Western Highlanders abducted the boy, as per witness reports.

When Loop PNG arrived on since, it has been roughly 18 hours since the alleged incident.

Man’s death leads to Kaugere clash

The fight followed the discovery of a man’s body of mixed parentage of Bougainville and Baimuru, in Gulf Province, who was allegedly killed following a dispute.

According to police, the man was killed during a petty dispute around 10pm yesterday.

Senior Constable Alex Neve, from the Badili police station, told this newsroom that the incident occurred when the deceased, with a group of men from Kaugere, were consuming illicit spirit at the Foursquare Church area.

During that time, they were attacked by men from Goilala who live in the nearby settlement at Gabutu.

Police report major incidents in NCD

On Monday August 1 between 11: 30pm and 12 midnight at the Goldie Training Depot, a woman was sexually abused by a known suspect who is an ex PNG Defence Force member.

The suspect while here for his final entitlements was alleged to have lured the woman with some money before sexually penetrating her.

The ex-soldier has gone into hiding and police investigations are still ongoing.