Man’s death leads to Kaugere clash

A death resulted in a clash between men from Gabutu and Kaugere in Port Moresby this morning.

The fight followed the discovery of a man’s body of mixed parentage of Bougainville and Baimuru, in Gulf Province, who was allegedly killed following a dispute.

According to police, the man was killed during a petty dispute around 10pm yesterday.

Senior Constable Alex Neve, from the Badili police station, told this newsroom that the incident occurred when the deceased, with a group of men from Kaugere, were consuming illicit spirit at the Foursquare Church area.

During that time, they were attacked by men from Goilala who live in the nearby settlement at Gabutu.

Constable Neve said one of the men in the group was accused of stealing from the Goilalas. It was alleged the deceased tried to stop the argument when he was stabbed in the heart.

His body was later discovered at the basketball courts near the Foursquare area.

The senior constable said relatives of the deceased, who found his body, retaliated this morning.

The road leading to Gabutu was completely sealed off this morning as men from either side attacked each other.

Police say the situation is still tense however, they are on site to maintain order. 

Imelda Wavik