Auvita Rapilla

Rapilla Retires

Auvita from Iokea village, Gulf Province, has committed significantly to shaping the landscape of sports in Papua New Guinea and the Olympic Movement through various roles while working with the PNGOC, and her 13-year tenure as secretary general.

Auvit’s leadership has been characterised by dedication, guidance, and loyal service, leaving an indelible mark on the PNGOC.

Her legacy is poised to inspire generations within the sporting community, says the PNGOC.

Hectic PNGOC calendar outlined

Its main focus on preparing and sending Team PNG to attend the Pacific Mini Games in Saipan, Northern Marianas, and the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, United Kingdom, set to take place in June and July respectively.

In welcoming 2022, Secretary General of the PNGOC, Auvita Rapilla, urged the Secretariat during a Goal Setting Workshop to set precise achievable goals with clear workable plans aligned with PNGOC’s goals and objectives.

2019 fun run ends on high note

In Port Moresby, as anticipated, thousands turned up for the family-oriented event at Ela Beach with no major mishap reported.

Residents arrived at the Paga Ring Road as early as 4am for the 6.30am start.

A sea of yellow snaked its way from the road adjacent to the APEC House all the way down to the end of Ela Beach Road as well as up Musgrave St.

The disciplined forces of PNG Defence Force, Police and Correctional Services made sure their presence was felt as they maintained control from start to finish.

Team PNG athletes get scholarships

The athletes come from the sports of karate, volleyball, basketball and football, and are studying under a scholarship in IBS’ certificate program.

Secretary General of the PNG Olympic Committee, Auvita Rapilla, thanked IBS for providing this opportunity which greatly boosts the athletes’ chances of getting a job and securing their future in a professional career.

She also commended the athletes for taking the initiative to pursue an education and also thanked their sports for supporting them.

Over K400,000 to PNGOC

Over K400,000 was committed on February 14th, marking a three-year sponsorship package.

SP managing director, Stan Joyce, said their association with the PNG Olympic Committee goes back as early as the 1980s, during the days of the Pepsi Fun Run.

“That partnership endures. And it endures because of the important ingredients in any partnership, which is trust and respect,” said Joyce.

“And I’m very pleased to say that SP Brewery continues that partnership because we trust the organisations involved, and we have a mutual respect of each other.”

Two main Olympic events this year

They are the Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Australia, from April 4th – 15th and the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from October 1st – 6th.

PNGOC Secretary General, Auvita Rapilla, highlighted during a brief that all of PNGOC’s fundraising events, especially the Trukai Fun Run and the Prime Minister’s Corporate Golf Challenge, will be targeted towards these Games.

Rapilla also acknowledged the role and support of the sporting media with the further assistance of the establishment of the PNG Sports Journalist Association.

K50,000 for PNG Games

The funding support of K50,000 is made available through the Olympic Solidarity program.

Secretary General of the PNG Olympic Committee, Auvita Rapilla, said the PNG Olympic Committee recognises the importance of the PNG Games to the country’s sporting landscape in terms of talent identification and sports development.

Rapilla acknowledged the Oceania National Olympic Committee (ONOC) for approving the grant to support the PNG Games under the Olympic Solidarity program.

PNGOC conducts annual audit of compliance


Secretary General of the PNGOC, Auvita Rapilla, reminded National Federations to comply with Clause 7 (e) “Every Member and Affiliate must provide to PNGOC the Minutes of its Annual General Meeting and a copy of its Annual Report and Financial Statements not later than 6 months after the end of its financial year”.

Among the requirements that PNGOC is reminding its member affiliates of, is the new requirement in the PNGOC Constitution which relates to membership to the PNGOC.

​Over 20,000 took part in Fun Run

Men, women, children and some with their pets, flocked in to the Sir John Guise Stadium as early as 2am to prepare for the event.

By 6am, a sea of yellow had engulfed the roads of Port Moresby as city residents walked, jogged and ran the five kilometre route, crossing the finishing line back at the stadium.

Secretary General of the PNG Olympic Committee, Auvita Rapilla, said the turnout at this morning’s Fun Run was overwhelming.

“It’s probably the biggest turnout we’ve ever had. From start to the finish, the whole route was packed with a sea of yellow.