48th Independence

Flag raised to commemorate Independence Day

Port Moresby residents including school children, members of the police and military forces, members of parliament and members of the diplomatic corp braved the morning cold and windy conditions to witness the flag raising.

Treasurer Ian Ling Stuckey stood in place of the Prime Minister to deliver the government’s Independence message.

The ceremony began with the marching of military soldiers and a dedication prayer, followed by the singing of the national anthem and the national pledge as the PNG flag was slowly hoisted up the pole.

Residents unite for Unity Walk

The Amazing Port Moresby under the National Capital District Commission held a Unity walk early yesterday morning from Murray Barracks to Ela Beach as part of its citywide celebration.

“Our city manifests the picture of Papua New Guinea. A nation of 1000 tribes, more than 800 languages, so many cultures and traditions,” said Governor Parkop. “Our journey has been long and rough with so many challenges but we are still here and we are on nation.

City gears up for 48th Independence Day

The first planning meeting chaired by the Governor, took place yesterday, marking the beginning of meticulous preparation just two months before the celebration.

This year's Independence Day holds special significance as Port Moresby also prepares for the momentous 50th year of Independence Day in 2025. With this in mind, the organizing committee is dedicated to early preparation, careful planning, and a strong commitment to the city's vision.

The city aims to engage stakeholders from the corporate, education, and defense sectors, which are key focus areas for the event.