2022 Elections

Provinces Told To Furnish Reports

Secretary Aihi Vaki made this call when accepting DSIP acquittals for Sohe district yesterday.

"You have to clean your backyard before the Member of Parliament goes to election next year. We want to see that provinces and districts who face Implementation constraints can consult DIRD for technical advice and support when rolling out SIP programs," Mr Vaki said.   

Meantime, DIRD Deputy Secretary- Program Implementation Wing, Gordon Wafimbi

PNGEC Upgrades Voter ID System

PNGEC will be using the biometric system to update voter details and conduct new enrollments leading up to the 2022 general elections.

The exercise will be coordinated through all 22 provinces by the provincial administrations at the local level government (LLG) and council wards.  

Last year, the biometric system was piloted for voter registration for the Kupiano Ward 5 LLG by-election.

Acting Electoral Commissioner, Simon Sinai acknowledged that the electoral roll may not be perfect before the elections.

Govt Ensures Fair Elections

He said this when following accusations of tempering with the electoral process that prevented leaders from taking Office and in turn affecting service delivery.

The Prime Minister backed the recommendation of the recent NIS Assessment Report on improving the Electoral process, adding that this will help people to vote in freely and fairly.

He said despite the fast passage of time and political instability, the Government will ensure that everyone’s vote is counted.