Govt Ensures Fair Elections

Prime Minister James Marape has reaffirmed that the Government will focus on delivering a free and fair elections come 2022.

He said this when following accusations of tempering with the electoral process that prevented leaders from taking Office and in turn affecting service delivery.

The Prime Minister backed the recommendation of the recent NIS Assessment Report on improving the Electoral process, adding that this will help people to vote in freely and fairly.

He said despite the fast passage of time and political instability, the Government will ensure that everyone’s vote is counted.

Prime Minister Marape said: “The planning of the elections is dependent on key components and one important key is population data.

He said it was important to create a single identification system by amalgamating all existing systems like the National Identification system and the biometric system.

Prime Minister Marape believes that all eligible voters in the country are entitled to vote freely in a fair election and building a process is essential in ensuring the outcomes of elections have integrity.

He said the major components to boost a fair election will be based on, the Common Roll, election security and proper planning & conduct of elections. 

Freddy Mou