PNGEC Upgrades Voter ID System

The Papua New Guinea Electoral Commission (PNGEC) will be registering eligible voters and their images against their serial numbers and issuing identification cards (ID) for the electoral roll update.

PNGEC will be using the biometric system to update voter details and conduct new enrollments leading up to the 2022 general elections.

The exercise will be coordinated through all 22 provinces by the provincial administrations at the local level government (LLG) and council wards.  

Last year, the biometric system was piloted for voter registration for the Kupiano Ward 5 LLG by-election.

Acting Electoral Commissioner, Simon Sinai acknowledged that the electoral roll may not be perfect before the elections.

However, he said the PNGEC could only improve the quality of the roll by including all eligible voters so that all will exercise their democratic right to vote.  

“PNGEC has developed the voter roll update that incorporates lessons we learnt from 2017 national elections and in the past elections and the recent by-election,” Mr Sinai said.

He said the electoral update will occur in three phases.

Phase one is scheduled to be carried out this year and verifications will be done on the existing roll.

Phase two will be the voting roll that has been verified and will be made available in all LLGs local level and districts for voters to confirm their enrolment.

In phase three, a provincial application under the biometric system will be tested at the provincial levels.

Mr Sinai is encouraging all eligible voters in next year’s election to participate in the enrolment exercise and update their enrolment details with the enrolling agents when the time comes.

Marysilla Kellerton