K15m project for Maritime College

Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Malakai Tabar officially launched the construction of the projects in the presence of Higher Education Minister Francis Marus on Friday in Madang, Maritime College campus.

PNG Maritime forge relationship with National Government

Captain Kiong thanked the government to recognize Maritime College and come onboard to support with the funding of staff houses, simulator and administration building.

Kiong said for so long the government has neglected Maritime College and this was the first time the government has come to support vital projects in the school.

He said Maritime College was the pride of this Nation and the Pacific and its one of the best college in the world having equipment’s like the Ship Engine set up on the ground to be found only in the Southern Hemisphere.

UBI Hills crowned as Sumkar soccer champions

UBI Hills defeated Sumbar 2 of Talidig Sports Association on Monday in Kinim Station, Karkar Island.

UBI Hills walked away with the champions cup and K1,500 cash prize money while Sumbar grab the runner-up trophy with K1,000.

The third placing went to 2MK club of Mamoke area in Karkar Island with K700 cash and fourth placin to Bisel of Biranis village in Sumgilbar Local Level Government area with K500 cash prize.

Ramu Nico project aiming to go global

That ‘s according to President of Ramu Nico Management Ltd. Wang Jicheng.

Jiang said the project is the biggest investment by the Metallurgical Corporation of China (MCC) in the Pacific and the largest overseas investment on mineral resources.

His comments were made during the Madang Investment Summit last month.

According to the Ramu Nico’s official website, Jiang said the success of Ramu NiCo was because the company took a new approach in developing and operating the project from Kurumbukari Mine to Basamuk Refinery.

K150m for Madang town roads upgrade

Prime Minister when making an announcement recently in Madang Province said the Government is doing this with private sector investment and partnership.

“We will further have an expansion in the supply of power in Madang, and we are doing this with private sector investment and partnership.”

“The Government cannot do this alone, we must work in partnership with the private sector.

“Together we will build the infrastructure, build the resorts and we will bring in the overseas flights.

Danish filmmaker tours PNG in dugout canoe

His journey began on August 30 and he plans to cover around 6500km in 6 to 9 months.

Jensen is a young Danish adventure filmmaker, illustrator and speaker who has paddled around Denmark by kayak and crossed the North Atlantic by sailing boat.

He has a significant knowledge and great interest in tropical fauna and has a fascination for indigenous people around the world and their ways of life.

Jensen started his journey at Tawali Resort in Milne Bay Province and this is where he will end his journey.

Madang district will have better independence celebration next year

Minister Duban said this on Thursday while commenting on the need for people to celebrate independence in a true Madang way.

Duban said next year Madang District Development Authority (MDDA) will put K200,000 for independence celebration to bring together the people of Madang district from three three LLG’s Ambenob, MULLG and Transgogol.

He said next year will be bigger and better and people will celebrate in a true Madang way and with music, traditional and singsing festival.

Town Mayor raises issues on hygiene

Madang Town Mayor Joe Yama revealed this in a press conference on Thursday in Madang Urban LLG Chamber.

Yama said the Madang town Authority understands the needs of the people and are allocating certain areas in the 10 wards of Madang Urban for informal markets with certain conditions that people sell only approved items and be mindful of their rubbish.

He said however, vendors resort to sell whatever they want and keep on throwing rubbish anywhere they want which is not right and against the set rules.

US company plans to build assembly line in Madang

The announcement by Powerplus General Manager and Director, Gerard Lau, was a huge shock to the summit organizers as well as the Madang business community and the provincial government leaders.

Lau had earlier during his Company’s presentation at the summit clarified that Powerplus through a series of transformations, from a construction equipment and spare parts supplier established since 1973 had evolved to be a global manufacturer of construction equipment in 2001.

Independence Day climb to Mt Wilhelm summit a success

Fifty climbers successfully reached the summit of the highest mountain in Papua New Guinea at 6am on Independence Day.

Mt Wilhelm summit is 4,509m high and it is located among spike range peaks in the northeast between Madang and Western Highlands provinces.

The climbers consisted of students, school teachers, guardians and parents.

The trekkers started their journey up the mountain in the morning of Thursday, September 15 and reached the summit at 6am on Independence Day.