Madang to prepare for counting

This was revealed by Madang Election Manager Peter Yasaro.

Yasaro said most of the electorates are set to complete polling during the weekends; there will be two days for necessary preparations thus – Tuesday the 11th is the appropriate timing for the start of counting.

The locations for counting have already been set – these include the counting locations for Madang Urban, Raicoast and the Regional seat.

Madang residents fed up with crime

The protesters included landowners of Sisiak and residents of Brahim, Panim, Beon Mausrot, the corrections facility, Furan and Sisiak Village.

Banners and placards held by the frustrated group publicly carried their demands of a safer community and better road conditions.

School students and teachers joined in the march to Jomba Police Station as well.

Attempts to contact PPC Jacob Singura failed, but reliable sources say the petition also informs PPC Singura of a sit-in protest scheduled for this Friday.

Campaigning on a motorbike

Endorsed by the People’s Movement for Change Party, Simon Merton is confident to win this elections and change Madang.

When asked as to why he is using a Harley Davidson motorbike to do his campaigns, Merton said he wants to keep a low profile and campaign rather than drive around with speakers and make a lot of noise.

“We are keeping it simple. Meeting and talking to people at markets and bus stops. So many genuine volunteers are coming forward to distribute our message,” Merton told Loop PNG.

Potential for more resources in Madang high

This was revealed to the Madang Provincial Government Executive Council by the Mineral resources Authority (MRA) during a presentation early this month on Karkar Island.

The MRA’s Geological Survey Division presented its compilation of a geological resources potential report revealing high mineral deposits, oil and gas reserves, and the potential for geothermal energy.

Police officer robbed while on duty

Officer in Charge of Traffic in Madang, Sergeant Frank Makora, was attacked while controlling traffic at the crossing near Modilon Hospital.

He said he hung his bag (bilum) with his personnel effects on a nearby wall when a thug grabbed his bag and ran towards the public cemetery.

"I was controlling the pedestrians when this happened. Bystanders informed me of my bag being snatched and I chased the thug," he said.

During the chase, the officer tripped and fell. The thug then punched him and took off again.

LOs trained to be business-minded

The landowners, from Kurumbukari, Inland Pipeline (Maigari), Coastal Pipeline and Basamuk, recently attended a personal viability workshop conducted by the Human Development Institute from March 13-15.

Founder and CEO of Human Development Institute (personal viability program), Samuel Tam Su, popularly known as “Papa Sam”, presented very basic and important principles on how to grow and develop an individual to be business minded.

Cult activities emerging in district: Councilor

A local councilor, who wishes to remain anonymous for safety reasons, alleges this new group has been going around conducting cult activities with their leader, who is claiming to be God. The leader’s son maintains that he is Jesus Christ while a relative claims to be an angel.

The activity of this group is concentrated in a remote village called Enengave in the Wanuma area of Sumgilbar LLG.

The councilor travelled to Madang on Monday to report the matter, and is calling on police to go into the area to flush out the immoral activities conducted by this group.

Consultation important at workplace: Manager

This was emphasised during a Risk Management Training conducted for Ramu NiCo Management (MCC) employees at its Madang operations base last week.

The training was conducted by Ramu NiCo’s Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) department quality assurance manager, Bernice Suma.

Ms Suma stressed that it is important to report all hazards to appropriate supervisors immediately.

“Employees’ wellbeing is very important, therefore effective consultation and communication must be maintained at all times.”

Governor Potape assists Hela students in Madang

Representative of the Governor’s office Tape Pulupe handed over a cheque payment to Hela students Association President Edwin Gayani on Tuesday.

Speaking to the students’, Pulupe said it was a great honor indeed on behalf of the Governor to assist Hela students studying in three institutions in Madang.

“The Governor’s office and the Hela electorate recognised the importance of your education as the future assets of Hela and PNG as a whole, because after you graduated from DWU you will contribute to the socio economic development of PNG,” says Pulupe.

Local artistic trophies for winners of surfing championships

The  World Championships will be held in Bogia District, Madang Province from  March 18-25, 2017.

Local artists have created unique wooden trophies for the winners of the Longboard Championships.

While being creative, Andrew Abel, President of the Surfers Association of PNG said he is pleased and proud to have our own locally made trophies especially the carved surf board trophies for the annual event.

He said he was proud that the PNG artists are getting good exposure with their affordable carvings.