Men arrested, charged for raping 19yo

Police report that on the 22nd of October, at around 1pm, the victim, a 19-year-old female, and another female were walking back from school when the two suspects approached and threatened them with bush knives.

The suspects, from Waipakam village, aged 20 and 19, forced both girls into a nearby bush. However, one of the girls managed to escape.

The 19-year-old girl, unfortunately, was taken into the bushes and raped.

After raping the girl, the suspects escaped. She sought help and was taken to the Kompiam Hospital for medical treatment.

Pregnant woman allegedly attacked, suffers miscarriage

It was alleged that on the 4th of July, 2017, at about 6pm at Gerehu, the suspect attacked a pregnant woman resulting in her having a miscarriage.

The female victim was four months pregnant at the time of the attack.

Police report that the victim was allegedly punched in her stomach by the suspect, resulting in her being taken to the hospital where she had a miscarriage.

The suspect is now being detained at the Boroko Police Station.

Well-dressed men in armed Gordon's holdup

A man was held up at his Gordon residence on Wednesday at around lunch time by a group of armed men.

Police report that at about 12:30pm, four armed unknown men, who were well dressed, entered the victim’s Henao Drive home and held him up.

The suspects walked away with the man’s bank cards, car keys, two mobile phones, work documents and cash consisting of K300, A$40 and US$1,000.

Reports state that the suspects escaped in a waiting vehicle; a Toyota Harrier station wagon, silver grey in colour bearing the registration number BED 975.

Pom: Woman yet to recover stolen items

Police have recently reported that a woman is still waiting to recoup her belongings after her items, worth K4,000, were stolen from her vehicle.

The Six-Mile resident reported on November 12 that she parked her vehicle at the junction along Waigani Drive when an unknown suspect snatched her bag from the offside seat.

The lost gadgets include her mobile phone worth K3,300, her car keys, driver’s licence, work ID and bank cards, SIM cards and K105 cash.

According to a police report summary, none of the lost items that belonged to the victim have been found.

Wife allegedly wounds, kills husband: Police

The incident took place on November 2nd at about 10.30am at Munumb Village, Banz in Jiwaka Province.

According to police reports, the deceased, going by the name of Tonny Dua, was seriously wounded by his wife with a bush knife.

The victim was rushed to the Kudjip Nazarene Hospital but died later.

The suspect was apprehended and detained the same day.

Police say she will be arrested and charged formally.

 Investigations are still ongoing. 

Explosives discovered after criminal's recapture

The escapee had been recaptured on October 30. A further search at his parents’ residence at the block saw the confiscation of a carton of detonators.

The detonators were alleged to be a part of large amount of explosives belonging to a road construction company, TSC, which had ceased operations back in 2013 at Gumine, Simbu Province, and Eastern Highlands Province.

The explosives were ordered from Orica explosives and according to the company, should have been returned after the construction company ceased operations.

Disciplinary forces need ‘operability’ in planning and operation

Deputy Commissioner Andrews issued this challenge at McGregor Police Barracks in the National Capital District last week.

DCP Andrews stressed that, “In preparation for the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meeting, the disciplinary forces need to cooperate in terms of training and exercise to build and strengthen the command and control elements in the joint operations.

Suspects in woman’s hanging apprehended

Port Moresby police detained four suspects, who are now at the Waigani police station. 

The woman was found early Saturday morning (Oct 28) in what the homicide describes as a very suspicious death.

The four suspects were rounded up and will now hand in their statements at the Waigani police station.

Homicide says after the suspects’ statements, the body of the woman will undergo a post mortem.

Meantime, the main suspect in the death of another woman, on the 25th of October, has been arrested and charged for wilful murder.

Over 5 deaths in less than a week: Homicide

The police homicide unit revealed that while two out of four female victims, including the late journalist’s case, had some hiccups, they were re-opened last week with the post mortem of journalist Rosalyn Albaniel Evara (October 25).  

That same day, another woman died on the spot at Manu Autoport at approximately 9am. This was around the same time the body of 23-year-old Tabu Airi, who went missing for four days, was discovered at the Treasury building at Waigani.

Police suspect GBV in women's deaths

According to the homicide unit, four women have lost their lives after allegedly suffering beatings.

Homicide says the late journalist Rosalyn Albaniel Evara’s death was one of these cases that was under investigation. This follows her post mortem on Wednesday (October 25) and burial on Friday.

The other three women, who were all identified to be in their early 30’s, were from East Sepik, Wabag and Simbu provinces respectively.