Madang will regain former glory: Kramer

Sadly, this is not the case anymore due to factors like law and order issues and urban drift.

However, Member for Madang, Bryan Kramer, has vowed that Madang will regain its glory days.

He said during the past years, Madang’s reputation spiralled downwards due lack of proper approaches by the provincial government as well as leaders in the province.

The Madang MP believes that investing in policing in the province would be a way forward.

He said the main objective in boosting policing is to involve communities, hence community policing and auxiliary.

Kramer to pursue shooting case

The Member said he is aware of the incident and will have a discussion with the provincial police commander for Madang to investigate and if found that Police were involved in the shooting as alleged, than these men will be asked to stand down.

The 16-year-old was shot after allegedly being involved in an armed robbery, he and four other men were pursued to a nearby Island, a few kilometres away from the airport, where he was shot dead, while the other men were shot on their ankles and knees.

Locals demand answers

This comes after initiatives were taken by a former parliamentarian and team to build a bypass that will enable travellers especially from Bogia to access it through Matugar to Wasab village and to Banap -this will then link to the National Highway.

Chairman of Saky association in Matagur, Michole Barui told this news room that the bypass will only delay the government’s response in building and or repairing the Banap Bridge.

Kramer: I will not give up on Madang

Member for Madang Bryan Kramer is adamant to change this and significantly curb down on crime and other related issues through the right approach.

Kramer admitted that there is no secret that Madang has made head- lines for all the wrong reasons in the recent years in terms of its crime, murder, rape and hold-up’s especially, which has accumulated over time.

The member says that he is aware of this and has taken the first steps to approach this very serious issue from the provincial government level.

Kramer to spend Xmas on Madang streets

The former police reservist says he has spent considerable time in the community and as the MP, it is his responsibility to take the lead and work with government agencies like the police and Correctional Service.

“I will be spending my Christmas, basically the three days, on the streets of Madang in terms of addressing law and order,” he says.

Kramer states a lot of people in villages and in town will be doing their Christmas shopping and are typically subject to petty crimes.

Yama determined to clean up administration

Governor Yama accused previous administrations of engaging in numerous corrupt deals involving a lot of money being paid through fraudulent activities; the fraud squad has been assigned to investigate these.

Yama said no proper audits have been done by the Office of Rural Development that clearly indicate the use of public funds in Madang.

He said according to reports from the Office of Rural Development, so much money has been spent with nothing to show for on the ground.

Counting: Bogia open results after 18th elimination

The tally stands with National Alliance candidate Robert Naguri leading on 6671 votes,

The following are the progressive results as of this afternoons count;

Madang slowly wrapping up counting

With most of the provinces throughout the country already declared some of their members, Madang is yet to declare one member.

While, neighboring provinces in the region have declared some candidates in the past week, Madang is yet to compete counting, at least for most of its districts.

This is evident as the regional Seat hasn't even hit the half way mark in counting for over 200 ballot papers.

While the Madang open seat is in its early stages of elimination, followed by Bogia open, other districts still need to complete counting.

Youth take initiative while waiting on election results

The group, consisting of 128 boys, were in town to support candidate contesting the Usino-Bundi Open seat Vincent Kumara and decided to clean up the town as part of their community service.

As a community and youth leader back at Bundi, Kumara was pleased to see the youths do something productive while waiting for the election results in Madang Town.

With the theme "Carpe Diem" or "Sieze the Day", the boys did a 2.5km Sunday morning walkathon from Bukbuk to Tusbab beach picking up rubbish along the way.

Polling yet to be completed in four provinces

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato confirmed today that polling in some LLGs in these provinces have been extended.

In Madang, polling in Arabaka Rural LLG and Josephstaal Rural LLG in the Middle Ramu District and Bundi LLG in the Usino Bundi District have requested for an extension.

For Enga, counting has started at most electorates while some LLGs have requested for polling extension.

In Gulf, polling in the remote parts of Kikori District has been extended while polling in Kerema District is complete and counting will commence on Thursday.