3 dead, officer injured in Madang confrontation

This newsroom contacted the Member for Madang, Bryan Kramer, this morning whilst he was waiting for the next flight to Madang.

He said he has received reports that the situation is very tense at the moment.

Four mobile squad units have been deployed from Lae and are currently on ground to contain the situation. This was also confirmed by the Lae metropolitan superintendent, Commander Anthony Wagambie Jnr.

Madang public servants warned

Yama made this call after a rousing welcome was given to him back home after the Supreme Court reinstated him as the Governor for Madang.

Governor Yama said he had no problem with public servants but warned them to be cautious in every work they do.

He called on them to put him under the microscope and expose the works he had done illegally in the province.

Rousing welcome for Yama

Madang residents gathered at the Madang airport as Yama touched down at 5pm in an Air Niugini F100 aircraft.

As a sign of respect, he was carried straight from the plane to his waiting vehicle.

Vehicles then convoyed with Governor Yama to the provincial headquarters to another waiting crowd as he went ahead and addressed his people.

This follows his recent reinstatement by the Supreme Court as Governor after the National Court ordered a recount.

Madang to focus on human development

The Governor Yama was replying to queries on plans for Tourism in the province – taking into consideration that the provincial government had handed in their 2018 budget.

He said that Madang has been seen as a popular tourist destination and there is a need for that perspective to be kept, however without investing in its people, this may not be possible.


Men attempted to steal district vehicles: MP

The MP said seven men were arrested by Madang Police on Friday (January 26) when they stormed into the district head office and “illegally” took two of its Toyota LandCruiser.

The vehicles were earlier confiscated by the district authority and impounded at the office.

Uguro said the suspects were chased by Police and later apprehended.

Police also took the vehicles.    

Last year, the Usino-Bundi District Development Authority (UBDDA) made a decision to recoup all district assets, including vehicles and machineries.

Madang’s Mangrove Mission

This initiative is an effort to help serve as a possible defence against the negative effects of climate change and other environmental disasters.

Like most coastal communities in the Pacific, there is an increasing concern over human induced changes affecting fish and other marine life, water quality, erosion and threatening food security.

These communities know too well that the demand for both personal and commercial uses has resulted in the over cultivation of mangroves.

Madang residents raise funds for islanders

This will be the second wheelbarrow push.

The first was held last Saturday.

According to the Madang Provincial Disaster Centre, who is working closely with the community in raising funds, a number of wheelbarrow push will be done before they send the funds to help the displaced islanders.

The team is appealing to all Sepiks in Madang Town and the general public, including business houses, to lend a helping hand.

(A similar initiative is being carried out in the nation’s capital)

Madang will regain former glory: Kramer

Sadly, this is not the case anymore due to factors like law and order issues and urban drift.

However, Member for Madang, Bryan Kramer, has vowed that Madang will regain its glory days.

He said during the past years, Madang’s reputation spiralled downwards due lack of proper approaches by the provincial government as well as leaders in the province.

The Madang MP believes that investing in policing in the province would be a way forward.

He said the main objective in boosting policing is to involve communities, hence community policing and auxiliary.

Kramer to pursue shooting case

The Member said he is aware of the incident and will have a discussion with the provincial police commander for Madang to investigate and if found that Police were involved in the shooting as alleged, than these men will be asked to stand down.

The 16-year-old was shot after allegedly being involved in an armed robbery, he and four other men were pursued to a nearby Island, a few kilometres away from the airport, where he was shot dead, while the other men were shot on their ankles and knees.

Locals demand answers

This comes after initiatives were taken by a former parliamentarian and team to build a bypass that will enable travellers especially from Bogia to access it through Matugar to Wasab village and to Banap -this will then link to the National Highway.

Chairman of Saky association in Matagur, Michole Barui told this news room that the bypass will only delay the government’s response in building and or repairing the Banap Bridge.