Sir Peter thanks PM for APEC meet

Sir Peter however, exclusively told this newsroom that Madang has never been getting good media attention on what is happening in the province.

“The image of Madang has suffered very much over the past years.”

He said Madang deserves better as it is a very beautiful province in the country and such bad publicities cannot help in terms of tourism benefits to the province.

“I was very happy for the Prime Minister, who kept his promise and allowed for the APEC meeting in our province.”

Nali, Wereh visit Madang

Secretary Wereh said Madang is such a huge land area with a huge potential for growth and investment, and roads play a crucial role in connecting people and providing access to markets and basic services.

Secretary Wereh outlined that they had very fruitful discussions on the quick commencement and completion of the Banab Bridge and Bogia bridges which will start immediately by a local contractor to restore normal access.

Madang town commended

The PPC said Madang Town is quiet at the moment as the meeting is underway.

He urged the residents to continue to maintain that.

The said Madang Town residents have cleaned up the town and whole heartedly welcomed the guests.

He said the town right now is full of security personals as well both police and defence force covering the land, air and sea.

Those who step out of line will be dealt with these security forces.



Months later, bridge yet to be rebuilt

The bridge, which collapsed on Thursday, January 04th, is a link that serves many villagers from parts of Sumkar, Karkar and locals from East Sepik who travel via dinghies from Angoram to Bogia and other boat stops.

It is believed that the infrastructure was over 60 years old, and collapsed under excessive weight caused by a semi-trailer transporting an excavator.

Madang LOs call for royalty

The four major landowner chairmen met with the Minister for Mining, Johnson Tuke, recently to air their grievances.

In a meeting recently held in Port Moresby, the landowners from the Kurumbukari, Basamuk, Basamuk Coastal Pipeline and Maijuri inland pipeline urged Minister Tuke to give them feedback on their overdue royalty payments since the beginning of the project in 2013.

Toby Bare, chairman of Kurumbukari Landowners Association, said the landowners have been waiting patiently for the past years for the Government to hear their plight but nothing has been forthcoming.

Wanted suspects captured in Madang

The suspects had conducted an armed robbery in a shop at Karkar Island and had fled by boat to Sarang village, located along the North Coast Road of Madang.

Talidig Police with the assistance of Lae based MS 13 apprehended three prime suspects of the eight who were armed with a factory made shotgun and home-made shotgun.

The suspects, after realising that they had nowhere to run, surrendered to a Foursquare Church pastor.

Governor yet to respond to Madang petition

Following the recent unrest where 4 youth were shot dead by police whilst protesting the continuous harassment suffered by locals, a petition was presented to Governor Peter Yama on April 17.

“They never responded to us. For whatever reason, we are still kept in the dark,” spokesperson of the group, Kamal Naus, told Loop PNG.

Madang used to be a safe haven: Kramer

Madang MP Bryan Kramer says most of the law and order issues can be attributed to the fact that most of the trouble makers and drifters from neighbouring provinces have taken refuge in the town area.

“Madang now has become one of the crime capitals of the country, simply because every trouble maker has come to Madang.”

The Member says he intends to work with the Local level Government council and start to carry out social mapping of all Madang land and in terms of settlements, understand who the troublemakers are and ensure that they are evicted from the province.

Final respects paid to late judge

The late judge was flown from Port Moresby on Sunday.

Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia handed the late judge’s body over to the provincial government.

It was a rough journey through tracks and rivers before the late judge's body arrived at his home last night.

More than 100 vehicles from the Madang Provincial Government convoyed with the body.

The late Justice Ipang’s funeral service is currently underway at the Malala Secondary School hall.

Madang welcomes late judge

More than 100 vehicles convoyed with the body of the late judge around the town before stopping at the Madang National Court House.

Whilst at the Madang National Court House, the body of the late Justice was handed over to the Madang Provincial Government by Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia.

Madang Governor Peter Yama accepted the body of the late judge and described him as a leader who did not take sides nor fear making decisions in court.

The late judge passed away in Port Moresby on April 3. It is understood he was brought to Port Moresby for medical treatment.