Committee to respond to Madang petition

Acting provincial administrator, John Bivi, said the administration could not respond to the petition in 48 hours as demanded as they will need more time to look into all the demands.

Bivi claimed most of the demands in the petition were politicised and lacked substance.

He said once the committee completes a draft to respond to the petition, they will give it to Governor Peter Yama for his input.

Bivi also said most leaders involved, or who were allegedly seen amongst the crowds during the stand-off, must also be present to answer to some of the demands.

MP responds to Madang police boss

Chief Inspector Ben Neneo wanted an explanation as to why some leaders were seen with the people but were not able to stop them from protesting, which led to a number of deaths and injuries recently.

Neneo said leaders seen among the crowd were Bogia MP Robert Naguri, Usino-Bundi MP Jimmy Uguro and former governor James Yali.

PPC defends officers

Three youth were shot at Gum Bridge, outside of Madang town, while another was killed at Four-Mile during the recent unrest.

PPC Neneo said his officers were retaliating to save one of their colleagues, who was attacked by the locals.

He clarified that the police officer, who was from that area, was driving to Madang town from his village when that incident happened.

Settler dies during alleged forced Madang eviction

This was a spill over from the protest by locals over being bullied in their own land.

The deceased, who was quite sick at that time, tried to escape when he heard police gunshots, but fell down a steep slope and died instantly.

They said on April 9 police came into the settlement, ordering everyone to pack up and get ready to board PMVs that would take them to their province of origin, mostly in the highlands region.

Yama blasts Madang-based journalists

Yama issued the warning to the journalists after receiving a petition from the people of Madang, especially from Bel, Ari and Wagi in the Madang District.

Governor Yama said most times journalists report inaccurate information, causing indifference among the community.

“Look at the current issues. Most times people, especially journalists, turn to social media for information, which is not right.

48-hour ultimatum from people of Madang

Locals from Bel, Ari and Wagi gave their petition to Governor Peter Yama yesterday (April 17).

Spokesperson Kamal Naus said four of their youths were shot dead by police and have demanded the provincial government, through their petition, to look into the matter and respond to the query by tomorrow.

Madang PEC to be sworn in

Madang Governor Peter Yama said this is very important as there were no PEC meetings because of court cases in relation to election petitions.

He said now that he is being cleared by the court, he will be concentrating in delivering services to his people.

“PEC members play a very important role in the province as they take part in important decision making during the PEC meetings.”

He added that normalcy has been restored in Madang.

Relatives deny involvement in Madang uprising

The late Sam Gawi, from Ialibu, was viciously attacked and killed on Tuesday, April 3.

The nine-member group made up of his immediate relatives, including two pastors, said they only went to Madang to repatriate the body of their loved one.

They had gone down to request that the head of their relative be returned for them to carry out a decent burial.

VIDEO: Yama calls for an amicable solution

Madang Governor Peter Yama has discouraged the removal of settlers from Madang, but to solve the issue amicably.

Madang update: Teacher’s head returned

The deceased, from Ialibu, was a teacher at Bau Primary School, Madang Province.

Madang MP Bryan Kramer said the man was viciously attacked and killed on Tuesday, April 3, between 8pm and 10pm while his headless body was found the next day along the road.

Following his death, his family members traveled down to Madang to collect the body, insisting on the recovery of the head as well.