Bryan Kramer

Women vendors sexually harassed by police: Governor

Governor Robert Agarobe voiced his frustration in Parliament on Friday, June 5th, saying a Fox Unit physically and sexually harassed their women vendors during a raid at the Porebada junction on the 18th of April.

“It also went to the extreme where their private parts were searched for money,” said the Governor.

The Governor said this incident was included in a petition that was signed by about 200 of his people, and handed to the Police Commissioner.

Origin of ENB transmission identified

Police Minister Bryan Kramer said they have confirmed that the patient may have contracted the virus at a fundraiser.

During an update on the afternoon of Wednesday, the 8th of April, Minister Kramer said they have confirmed with both the patient and doctor that it is highly probable that she may have contracted the virus during an event on the 14th of March.

PNGDF to deploy platoon to Wutung Border

The Defence Force Personnel will be deployed over the weekend increasing the current manpower on the ground.

Police Minister Bryan Kramer announced this today in an update on the Governments COVID-219 Response.

Ships turned away by Madang govt: Minister

The move has impacted essential services, and led to three ships carrying critical cargo, like fuel, being turned away at the Madang port.

Minister for Police Bryan Kramer said in today’s COVID-19 media briefing that the Marape-led government is only focused on closing provincial borders.

The security personnel were not able to reach the Governor for Madang to issue a letter regarding the impact of his government’s decision, instead they gave it to the Provincial Administration.

Negative results for COVID-19

This was announced by Police Minister, Bryan Kramer, today.

The Tests were conducted by the Institute of Medical Research in Goroka and returned today.

“Those tests have returned negative. So, the 15 persons that were in direct contact with the index patient that travelled with him from Bulolo up to the (Hidden Valley) mine site, the tests have returned this morning and confirmed to be all negative. Not immediate, not positive, but negative.

No confirmed cases: COVID-19 update

Police Minister, Bryan Kramer, made the announcement this afternoon in an update to the current efforts undertaken by the Government.

Minister Kramer said tests are being done by the Rapid Response Team on suspected symptoms of COVID-19 in Port Moresby and other centres around the country.

Kramer said the Rapid Response Team that went up to Hidden Valley Mine in Morobe Province and have conducted sampling testing of the 15 people who came into contact with the first case of COVID-19, and were subsequently isolated and monitored.

Police Minister stresses on responsible information sharing

Police Minister Bryan Kramer made this call during the announcement of a strategic joint task force team to monitor the coronavirus pandemic.

Unconfirmed information being spread on social media on Wednesday, the 18th of March, saw hysterical citizens rush into shops and buy stocks in bulk, leaving empty shelves in their wake.

Known as panic buying, this situation could have been avoided if Papua New Guineans had been responsible as well as critical.

Joint task force to respond to COVID-19

This was announced in a joint media conference yesterday attended by Police Minister Bryan Kramer, Health Minister Jelta Wong, the Acting Secretary for Health, Dr Paison Dakulala, Police Commissioner David Manning, head of St John’s Ambulance Services, Matthew Cannon, and other government officials, including the PNG Fire Service.

Police Minister Kramer also confirmed at the media conference that there is no case of the COVID-19 in PNG as yet. However, he said rather than wait for a case to arise, a rapid response team will be set up to respond in real time in the communities.

Porgera raid against Ministers advise

Kramer said he was informed of the impending raid during his last visit to Porgera and strongly advised against it given the lack of protective gear and training.

He said when he learnt of the death of the police officer he was upset.

Minister Kramer was responding to questions by NCD Governor, Powes Parkop, on the proliferation of guns in tribal communities in rural PNG.

Racial slur upsets MPs

During questions without notice, the Madang Governor asked the Attorney General and Deputy Prime Minister, Davis Steven, to clarify police operations regarding election petitions, claiming he was “confronted” by police personnel on two separate occasions.

“I was confronted by policemen, mobile squad, at the Jackson’s airport with my family for a very minor issue – election petition. I had an election petition filed against me and I won the case,” said Yama.