Bryan Kramer

Citizens to have direct access to new Police Minister

Newly sworn-in Minister, Bryan Kramer, outlined that this initiative would ensure he plays a major role in keeping the citizens of PNG safe.

Complaints regarding the police force can be raised with Minister Kramer, and if justified, he will bring them directly to the police commissioner.

“And if they confirm that the complaints are justified, then we will take appropriate actions according to the law,” stated Kramer.

PM O'Neill i no sitisen bilong tupla kantri

“Wanpela giaman nius bilong Kramer i gen kamap olsem mi wanpela sistisen bilong Australia.

“Mi no bin kamap sitisen bilong wanpela narapela kantri bipo. Mi sitisen bilong Papua Niugini tasol bikos mama karim mi long Papua Niugini,” Praim Minista Peter O’Neill i tok.

“Mama karim mi long wanpela liklik bus ples ol i kolim Mamuane, klostu long boda mak bilong Galp na Sauten Hailans provins.

“Mi amamas olsem ol pipel bilong mi i lukautim mi long hap. Mi no nidim narapela moa sitisen nem bilong kisim luksave long mi husat.

PM O’Neill refutes dual citizenship claims

O’Neill said these are all lies and not true.


“There is yet another fake news story by Kramer claiming that I am an Australian citizen.

Alternate Government to visit Enga, Lae

Vocal Opposition Member and Madang MP, Bryan Kramer, says Sir Peter hopes to address his people following his decision to leave the Government coalition.

After the May 17th forum, the group will be traveling own to Lae on the 21st.

“We’re staging a public forum at the Eriku Oval, and this is organised at the invitation of the Governor for Morobe, as well as the Open member for Lae,” stated Kramer.

Madang in a political frenzy

Two attempts by Madang MP, Bryan Kramer, to address the crowd on Tuesday, responding to the Prime Minister’s remarks on service delivery at the airport project launch, and later at Bates oval, was downplayed by the government MPs.

The crowd that gathered to hear the leaders clearly had opposing views.

While it may all be politics, Madang town mayor Joe Yama, while speaking at the Bates Oval on Tuesday afternoon, appealed to the leaders not to fight amongst themselves.

“People want service,” he made the appeal on behalf of the 10 councils and people of Madang.

Kramer ordered to apologise

This is for reflections on a Member intending to bring hatred and contempt on Parliament.

Chairman of the Report of the Privileges Committee, Charlie Benjamin, said if Bryan Kramer fails to apologise, he will be suspended from two Parliament sittings.

When presenting the report raised by Tewai-Siassi MP Dr Kobby Bomareo on May 30, 2018, Benjamin said Members of Parliament should be diplomatic and exercise control in their conduct through words or actions against each other and the public.

Opposition’s planned protest ‘childish’

The Minister and Imbonggu MP, Pila Niningi, said: “The Members of the Opposition have an obligation to provide a check and balance to every government decisions but it has to be done on the floor of Parliament, not homes and streets.

“The nationwide stop-work protest planned by the Members of the Opposition can be seen as an irresponsible action.

“This is childish. It’s like a barking dog without teeth.”

Police will investigate alleged assassination plot against Kramer: Baki

Commissioner of Police, Gari Baki, said to date, no report of this alleged plot was reported to police but Kramer, like every other national leader, can be accorded police protection if the allegations are proven to be credible.

His statement follows a social media post by Kramer where he said: “I was contacted by former Chairman of Anti-corruption Task Sweep Sam Koim to inform me he had received reliable intelligence that individuals with political connections were planning to have me assassinated.

NA dispels rumours of joining Gov’t

The response was triggered after member for Madang, Bryan Kramer, posted on social media saying thre were talks of NA being offered seven portfolios if it moved over to the Government benches.

According to a spokesperson for National Alliance, the party is intact and such rumors were just perpetrated to destroy the good image of the party.  

The source said the Party will release an official statement soon to dispel this rumor. 

The party spokesperson also called on those who instigated this rumor, to not interfere with the affairs of another political party.

Kramer refers Gamato to fraud directorate

This regards the Commission’s decision in the declaration of the Southern Highlands provincial seat.

Bryan Kramer met with the media yesterday, describing the EC’s decision as an act of electoral fraud.

“I submitted the basis of my determination that constitutes electoral fraud by the Commissioner, and filed a complaint with the National Fraud (Directorate). I intend to do the same with the Ombudsman Commission, and I am giving them up to a month to allow them to consider the evidence and whether they will take any formal action.”