Vanilla farmers in Madang urged to avoid middlemen

Therefore, farmers need to be mindful of this and sell to only recognised registered buyers to get better returns.

Andrew Bonny, who conducts awareness on producing good quality vanilla has warned farmers in Madang not to sell their produce to middle-men, who do not offer good prices.

Bonny said he had been receiving reports of some individuals or so-called middlemen going into the rural areas of Rai Coast district in Madang and buying vanilla beans from farmers. However, these buyers are getting the vanilla beans at K120 per kilogram, which is low according to Bonny.

Elderly woman narrowly escapes death amid strong winds

Lucy Pesam, from Sumkar district, was cooking in the kitchen of her family home when strong winds blew against the corrugated roof. 

She was inside the kitchen, making fire, when suddenly the building started shaking. After what seemed like minutes, the roof over her head began falling.

Luckily, stools built inside the kitchen held it up while the timber braces provided a gap for her to run out.

Strong winds currently experienced in the island regions of Madang confirm recent warnings issued by the PNG National Weather Service (PNGNWS).

Madang ward councilor profiles his area

Ward Five councilor, Ambrose Basse, has engaged volunteers to help him conduct a simple survey of all settlements, business houses, residential areas, education and government institutions, block holders, and private firms within his ward.

The Madang Urban Ward 5 councilor realised the importance of having an accurate data system in place, and has embarked on a survey in his area.

He explained the purpose of the survey, which ran from June to August, was basically to assist him with his development plans, plus update Ward Five records with the town authority.

Refurbished aid post in Boroi to serve 5,000

Boroi village, in Yawar Local Level government (LLG) in the Bogia District of Madang Province is five hours’ drive away from Madang town and is one of the rural communities’ that is attempting to combat such challenges. Transport and distance to the nearest health centre is also a big issue faced by the community.

Rai Coast people’s desperate plea for road network

Chairman of Saidor Kangal Festival, Moses Dilambe, who comes from Bandit village near Saidor district headquarter  expressed this recently.

Saidor is the district headquarter of Rai Coast district in Madang Province.

Dilambe recently organized cultural groups from his area to travel by  motor boat to Madang where they showcased a unique night performance displaying tall headdresses of Rai Coast at the Madang Festival.

PNG HP invited for national physio symposium

Alsop said HP wanted to support the recognised body for Physiotherapy in PNG by sharing successes they have had with the upskilling and mentoring of local physios. They aim to achieve this by providing opportunities for them with sports and to further their career into the field of sports physiotherapy. 

“Importantly, we also provide an opportunity to expand their understanding and experience of working in a multi-disciplinary team. Our staff work across many fields and expertise that support athletes and coaches. 

Beon Jail running out of food rations

This was revealed by a senior Correctional Services officer from Beon Jail,who was supervising the stall set-up for this weekend‘s Madang Festival at Laiwaden oval。

The CS officer who requested anonymity, said the food ration to feed the inmates is running short and they are making a desperate appeal to business houses in Madang town and the provincial government for possible assistance。

He pointed out that the short fall in government funding is one of the major contributing factors that lead to food rations running out.

PMIZ Project 2nd Phase to cost $US 156 million

Madang MP and Minister for Transport and Infrastructure, Nixon Duban clarified on Tuesday, May 10, during the Madang Provincial Assembly meeting when addressing provincial government members.

Duban told the Madang provincial assembly that PMIZ is a big project which is  being discussed by the National Government.

He further clarified that the mandate has been given to the Treasury Department and that funding would come from a National Executive Council (NEC) submission.

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Bilum Festival set to boost tourism in Madang

The Karkar Island Bilum Festival is expected to attract international tourists as well as locals which will boost tourism in Madang Province.

Vetting conditions on PNG fraud squad seen as suspicious

Bilum Festival set to boost tourism in Madang

The festival will be staged on Karkar Island from June 3-5.

Karkar Island is located in the Bismarck Sea, about 30 kilometres off the north coast of mainland PNG in Madang Province.

This is the first of its kind to be held on the island and is set to be one of the largest events in the province attracting thousands of visitors both locally and from the International arena.

Chairman for the KIBF Pholas Yongole said that the festival will celebrate and showcase the vast variety of the famous Karkar bilum, culture and tradition.