Respect the peace-loving people of Madang: Mayor

Most of the all, respect the peace-loving people of Madang.

He says the ethnic clash has caused properties worth millions of kina and lives of innocent people. It is unwarranted for and must come to an end.

The clash has frightened tourists, businesses and innocent citizens of Madang town and it paints a bad picture of Madang.

Yama has called on the authorities, especially the Madang provincial assembly of law and order and the provincial government, to immediately address this issue without delay.

K800,000 to boost ethnic clash operations

Minister for Transport and Infrastructure and Member for Madang Nixon Duban has given K400,000 to assist Police operation during this one-month period while the Madang Provincial Administration jointly funded another K400,000.

Madang Open project inspector Semus Taki says the Madang provincial assembly of law and order committee, led by Madang provincial police commander Superintendent Jacob Singura, sat last Saturday evening and passed the resolution to bring in Mobile squad 15 and 13 to help the local police.

Madang under 30-day joint police operation

This joint operation will see Madang’ Rapid Response Unit ( RRU)- Fox 1, Highway patrol NCR, Madang Traffic Unit, Patrol constables, Mobile Squad 13 and 15 and 50 officers from Lae joining forces to ensure no illegal road blocks are set up and the tension level reduced to nil.

Lae Metropolitan Superintendent Anthony Wagabie Jnr was present yesterday in Madang to address the joint ops in a parade that was held in the Madang Town police station.

The joint ops will be under the command of Chief Inspector Jacob Singura .

Rumours of ethnic clash shuts down Madang

The town was on lock down, traffic came to a stop and stores and businesses in town were closed all day.

Madang Provincial Police Commander Jacob Singura confirmed this and says police have taken control of the fighting crowd and warned people travelling in and out of Madang to take precautions while travelling. The  situation is still tense in the province but police are monitoring.

A rural medical officer with many namesakes

One of those stories about this very committed and dedicated medical officer is that he has many namesakes in all the rural places where he had served to provide health services to the people。

A namesake is a person named after another.  In general, the second recipient of a name, named for the first, is said to be the namesake of the first. The attribution can, however, go in the opposite direction, with namesake referring to the original holder of the name.

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Locals set up roadblock in fear of ‘take over’

Baruni Villagers in Central Province are taking necessary measures to protect themselves.

Policeman faces murder charge

New music artist emerges from Madang

A talented song-writer and musician Saul Dogek Akung from Yabob village near Madang  expressed recently。

Akung recently launched an excellent  solo music CD album which contains 10 songs that has wonderful lyrics and soothing  sounds to catch  the taste buds of music enthusiasts and fans who love the Madang style of music.

The CD album recorded with 3PLE M2 Studio in Madang contains beautiful songs the artists composed which is certain to be a favourite  among many.

Manam resettlement Bill delayed again

The displaced people of Manam Island for 12 years have been living on mainland Madang in care centres in Bogia.

The Bill when passed by Parliament will help establish Manam Resettlement Authority to permanently resettle the displaced people.  

In a voice of support, two Madang Open Members supported their Governor Jim Kas’ call for the withdrawal of the Bill in its second reading.

Kas was unhappy because the amended Bill has not been debated in the provincial assembly.

Teen shot dead for stealing packet of rice

The deceased, Jeffery Manimban from Rai Coast district, was a staff at the Modilon Guest House.

He was shot for allegedly  stealing a packet of 1kg Roots rice belonging to Modilon Martin Tsang Supermarket (MST) and was chased by guards  and shot on the forehead.

According to Binnen community leader and owner of Modilon Guest House, David Wama, the incident happened on Saturday around 12 pm when the deceased with three other youths allegedly stole a 1kg packet of rice belonging to the MST supermarket outside the warehouse area.

Suspects involved in student’s stabbing surrender to police

The incident took place last Monday night while the third year Divine Word University (DWU) student was walking up to the DWU paramedical campus with his backpack containing his school issued laptop.

The rural health student was approached by a group of armed youths with bush knives. While in the process of defending himself, he sustained a deep cut on the left side of his neck.

The youths ran off with the student’s backpack while he was taken to the hospital, where he received 10 stitches.