Karkar Island Bilum Festival to be staged for the first time

The Karkar Island Bilum Festival (KIBF) is also the first cultural event to be staged this year.

The festival is the first show of its kind to be held on Karkar Island as the women on the island are famous for their traditional bilum weaving skills.

Chairman for the KIBF Pholas Yongole said the festival is on schedule and the preparations are well on the way.

“There are many ways in which the public can take part in the festival and one is through either information or stalls.

Learning piggery management trade at Danip

This message has been drummed into students at St. Benedict’ s Agriculture Training Institute at Danip situated along the north coast of Madang Province.

And sure enough, students there are being properly trained to manage pigs so that it can be raised properly to provide good returns  to investment

St Benedicts’ agriculture training institute run by the Catholic Church has over the years provided wonderful vocational skills training to school-leavers to better equip them for trade job opportunities in the future.

Madang Chamber pays tribute to late Peter Hill

Peter Hill died on Saturday,April 30 after a long illness.

A special funeral ceremony was accorded to late Peter Hill, who was buried at sea in the Astrolabe Bay of Madang, thus fulfilling his wish. His wife stood by on the pontoon as the Catholic priest Fr Jan Czuba said anointing prayers before his body was buried in a very rare and emotional ceremony seen for the very first time in Madang.

Comedian Kanage amuses audience at DWU Open Day

Kanage was again at his amusing best with his funny gestures as he stood out doing promotion for PNG’s first provincial television station called Tumbuna TV based in Madang.

He was still as his best with his jokes and funny gestures which attracted many onlookers。 A good number of people posed for photographs with the comedian when this writer caught up with him at the Tumbuna TV exhibit stall。

Kanage was a hit in the mid 2000 with his funny acts and amusements which made him so popular on TV commercials for biscuit company Lae Biscuits

Madang town centre without proper drainage

Moreover, new developments, including buildings are currently being constructed within the Madang town centre, however, there is imminent risk of them flooding the town during heavy rains because of no proper storm drainage system.

General Manager of Maigari Limited, Russel Melluck pointed out that the town does not have a proper storm drain system where all the water during heavy rains can go through to eventually reach the ocean.


Eminent person sought to chair Manam Restoration Authority

The Madang Governor told media personnel in Madang after the Parliament passed the Manam Restoration Bill on March 31.

Governor Kas further stated that the Madang Provincial Executive Council would suggest a name to the National Executive Council for somebody from PNG with high regard and influence to head the new MRA.

Asylum seekers disrupts Madang to Manus flights

An eyewitness Brian H Waffi posted on his facebook page alerting the public about the incident.

He said the flight was disrupted after two Asylum Seekers protested and tried to break the airplanes glass protested not to go to Manus.

“All of us were told to disembark after two Asylum Seekers protested and tried to break the airplanes glass protested not to go to Manus. We will reboard.”

“The plane was about to lift off when the two started hitting the windows and crying out loud struggling with the air hostess.

BDA vessels rusting at Madang Harbour

The three vessels, Mv Andreas, Mv Manus Atolls and Mv Muntai have been sitting idle for more than  three years at a landing facility past the main Madang wharf leading into Binnen Harbour.

The three landing crafts purchased by the Government were launched with pomp and ceremony raising high hopes for disadvantaged people in remote island communities。 There was much media publicity following the launching and the maiden trips by these vessels to the places where they were designated to service.

Inspectors in Madang to investigate Basamuk incident

They arrived at Ramu NiCo’s Basamuk Refinery on April 14 to conduct a preliminary investigation into the April 12 case.

MRA deputy chief inspector of mine, Lave Michael, and inspectortor Andrew Onguglo arrived from Port Moresby and will work to establish the cause of the incident and advise the Company on future outcomes.

Ramu NiCo is cooperating fully with the inspectors.

Duban condemns ethnic clash

“I will not let such ethnic clashes continue to supress the peace of my people of Madang,” said Duban, who is also the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure.

“Enough is enough and I have warned the settlers already.”

He said it is now time to make a tougher decision in getting rid of settlers illegally living on state land and causing problems for the general public.

“Such action is depriving the rights of my people and degrading possibilities of investments in the province,” he said.