West Sepik Governor

Sandaun Chamber hopes plan is continued

The Plan, which was introduced under former governor Amkat Mai, aims to be the stepping stone on which the township builds its local economy.

Chamber President Boni Leki currently does not know what the plans of the current provincial administration are. However, he is hopeful they maintain the original plan.

“We intend to use that as a vehicle to bring in investments.

Wouwou calls for cooperation

He made the call during the provinces Independence celebration held over the weekend in Vanimo.

Thousands flocked to the Vanimo Town Oval where the Governor addressed his constituents urging them to use the occasion to reflect on the challenges of the past and improve them for the future.

This he said can be achieved by putting all differences aside and working for the betterment of the country.

Various activities were held by school children and the Business community in Vanimo to commemorate Independence Day.

​Wouwou freezes WSP funds

Governor Wouwou said the audit is to ensure there is transparency and accountability.

He made the announcement during the Sandaun Provincial Government swearing in ceremony on Monday.

“As of today, I am conditionally freezing all the Provincial Service Improvement Program Funds to allow for the books to be cleared before I can take over.

“This is to allow for good governance, transparency and accountability to prevail during my term as the Governor of the province,” Governor Wouwou said.