Boni Leki

Downstream processing key for employment: Official

He said currently the Province had a big unemployment problem, especially in the Vanimo township.

“Downstream processing brings in a lot of employment. Like other provinces we also have our share of school leavers.

“I’d like downstream processing to be seriously taken on board so that some of our unemployment problems can be attended to,” he said.

West Sepik is one of the most heavily logged provinces in PNG, with around eight logging companies operating, the largest of which is Vanimo Forestry Products owned by Rimbunan Hijau.

Sandaun Chamber hopes plan is continued

The Plan, which was introduced under former governor Amkat Mai, aims to be the stepping stone on which the township builds its local economy.

Chamber President Boni Leki currently does not know what the plans of the current provincial administration are. However, he is hopeful they maintain the original plan.

“We intend to use that as a vehicle to bring in investments.