Wesley Nukundj

Minister Commends Deportation of threats to National Security

Minister Nukundj’s comments come as Immigration officials deported a fifth person of Bangladesh origin on Thursday (05/03/20). Belal Hossain was seen off by Taskforce team of the Immigration and Citizenship Authority (ICA).

The deportee was detained at the Bomana Immigration Detention Centre for over a month was and presented his deportation order at the Jackson’s International Airport today by the Immigration Taskforce Team.

Transport Minister condemns Mendi reaction

He said this action automatically cripples air transport in Southern Highlands Province, placing the traveling public, business houses and others in a very awkward situation.

“I appeal to all leaders to bring to justice the culprits who are sabotaging air transportation.

“My appeal to all Papua New Guineans is that no one should be seen to be hindering or sabotaging transportation of people, goods and services by interfering and destruction of transport infrastructure and its services like airplanes, sea vessels and public road transport buses and taxis.”

Dei open petition dismissed

Justice Collin Makail dismissed the petition today because the petitioner, James Pini, failed to establish that polling was compromised by the setting aside of six ballot boxes.

On 8 May, the National Court found the petition competent with valid grounds for trial.

Petitioner James Pini alleged the election was compromised when the returning officer refused to admit six ballot boxes for counting, thus affecting the election outcome.

Transport dept to focus on maritime sector

Transport Minister Wesley Nukundj said this is because out of the country’s 22 provinces, 15 of those are maritime provinces that have seen little attention on sea transportation over the years. 

The ministry has had no consistency in terms of its leadership, seeing a total of five different ministers in the last term of government, and the minister sees this as a challenge in managing the three modes of transport.