Immigration and Citizenship Authority

Minister Commends Deportation of threats to National Security

Minister Nukundj’s comments come as Immigration officials deported a fifth person of Bangladesh origin on Thursday (05/03/20). Belal Hossain was seen off by Taskforce team of the Immigration and Citizenship Authority (ICA).

The deportee was detained at the Bomana Immigration Detention Centre for over a month was and presented his deportation order at the Jackson’s International Airport today by the Immigration Taskforce Team.

Seven foreign nationals convicted in Kokopo

In a statement, Chief Migration Officer, Solomon Kantha, said: “The Immigration and Citizenship Authority will not tolerate any foreigners who breach the Migration Act and are working unlawfully in PNG.

“If we find you residing or working in breach of your visa conditions, you will be charged and removed from this country.”

Kantha sounded this warning following the successful conviction of six Malaysians and a Chinese national in Kokopo for breaching their visa conditions by working for another company, under the visa of a different employer.