Transport Minister condemns Mendi reaction

Minister for Transport, Wesley Nukundj, has condemned the actions of a few group of people in Mendi with vested and ulterior motives who burnt the Link PNG airplane at Mendi airport yesterday afternoon.

He said this action automatically cripples air transport in Southern Highlands Province, placing the traveling public, business houses and others in a very awkward situation.

“I appeal to all leaders to bring to justice the culprits who are sabotaging air transportation.

“My appeal to all Papua New Guineans is that no one should be seen to be hindering or sabotaging transportation of people, goods and services by interfering and destruction of transport infrastructure and its services like airplanes, sea vessels and public road transport buses and taxis.”

Nukundji added that the incident yesterday was a very isolated case.

“I am certain it will never occur in the future anywhere in PNG.

“But if for some reason, people see fit to go against such laws, as Minister responsible, I will ensure that they will face the full force of law under the relevant legislation on transport and infrastructure.”

It is alleged that the burning down of the aircraft stemmed from an election petition decision that went in favour of William Powi.

Supporters of petitioner Joseph Kobol reacted and burnt the aircraft at Mendi airport yesterday.

(Picture: Zaek Meya)

Freddy Mou