Warring tribes

Warring tribes give up guns for bibles

The ceremony was held in Kepakanda village in Kompiam District on 29 September, and was facilitated by the Salvation Army as part of its Restorative Justice program. Through the program, the Salvation Army  have been working with people from the two tribes for peace negotiations and bible teaching to elicit social change, peace and stability.

During the ceremony, two guns from each tribal leader were surrendered to the Salvation Army to symbolise the peace agreement signing and to signifying hopes for a better future.

Peace mediation between Hela warring tribes

He recently resolved and concluded a peace deal between two clans at Idawi, where the tribal fight claimed 51 lives and displaced more than eight council wards since 2014.

Undialu’s motto for 2019 is Peace, Unity and Development.

On Thursday, Governor Undialu managed to bring peace between the leaders of Sai Apa and Talira clans, whose confrontations claimed 51 lives since 2014.

Both parties agreed to end the fights and compensate the 51 deceased from both sides.