Peace mediation between Hela warring tribes

Hela Governor Philip Undialu is carrying out his mandated duty of cleaning up the young province of Hela.

He recently resolved and concluded a peace deal between two clans at Idawi, where the tribal fight claimed 51 lives and displaced more than eight council wards since 2014.

Undialu’s motto for 2019 is Peace, Unity and Development.

On Thursday, Governor Undialu managed to bring peace between the leaders of Sai Apa and Talira clans, whose confrontations claimed 51 lives since 2014.

Both parties agreed to end the fights and compensate the 51 deceased from both sides. 

The Governor thanked both parties, relatives of the deceased, Tari-based PNG Defence personnel and everyone involved.

This peace deal now clears up the road link into Hides, Komo and Angore project areas.

Landowners of Hides, especially Hapono block, will now participate in the landowner identification process which was launched on Wednesday.

The next unrest to be settled is between Kikita and Tagali.

Last year, Governor Undialu successfully concluded a peace deal between two warring clans of Tigibi and Hulia LLG.

That fight claimed 35 lives and displaced thousands.

He told this newsroom from Hela that he is now happy to see people returning to their respective villages after the peace deal.

Freddy Mou