Wafi-Golpu Project

Residents advised of drill rigs

Residents in Morobe have been advised to take note of the presence of two drill rigs operating near Lae, along the Markham River valley, and on the Atzera Range.

WGJV stated that the rigs are drilling shallow holes, to depths of 70 metres, to investigate the suitability of ground conditions at a number of locations.

This is part of the overall current studies to examine potential infrastructure options and the feasibility for the Wafi-Golpu project.

Wafi-Golpu project needs infrastructure

Bryan Bailie, executive project director of the Wafi-Golpu Joint Venture, recently told the PNG Chamber of Mines and Petroleum Conference in Sydney that PNG presents infrastructural challenges.

He said many of the existing infrastructure needed serious upgrading.

“PNG presents a challenging environment in the design and operation of terrestrial tailings storage facilities, primarily due to mountainous terrain, the high rainfall, poor conditions for containment bores, and limited availability of land due to topography, the environment and social heritage concerns.

PNG mineral prospects high

The Minerals Resources Authority said positivity remains high following the registration of the Frieda River and Wafi-Golpu SMLs and the entry of Anglo American, as reported in the Mining and Petroleum Review (Vol.4 Issue 3).

The SML applications have been described as a unique situation in PNG mining history as there has been, on average, one project per decade.

The MRA says active licenses have increased for the period January to August 2016, from 125 to 134 (a 7 percent increase), which is consistent with the renewals increasing from 54 to 68.

Provision allows for extra payment, Sir Puka says

Public Service Minister Sir Puka Temu told Parliament during question time today.

Sir Puka was responding to question without notice from Chuave MP Wera Mori.

Mori asked why senior public servants negotiating in the Wafi-Golpu Project paid themselves extra allowances amounting over a million kina.

"With no successful completion of the project why were bonus paid?"

Sir Puka said to look into the allegation raised because payment are made after negotiations are completed, but he added that provision does allow for extra payment.