Marape Votes, Thanks PNG

“I want to officially relay my appreciation to our people right across the country for their good turnout during the campaign period. 

Marape said generally, the campaign period concluded on a ‘good note.’ Acknowledging a few incidents that took place around the country however stating “there were no substantial incidents” in Hela Province. 

“Up until the moment I left Tari today (July 4), nomination, campaign and polling went smoothly in general sense for Hela Province.” 

Youth council establishment in Tari-Pori

Youths from the five LLGs, including Tari Urban, Hayapuga, Tagali, Tebia and Pori of Tari-Pori district have mobilised themselves and went through the registration process after the opening ceremony early this week.

The team from NYDA brought along the finalised youth council establishment guide book or toolkit that was revised recently by the NYDA team under the operations division.

It gives a clear picture of how the youth councils should be formed and the way forward once the youth council executives are appointed under the NYDA Act 2014.

Gamato congratulates Marape for retaining seat

Returning officer Jack Walara presented the 2017 National Election writ for the member elect for Tari Pori, James Marape to Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato this morning.

Gamato, in congratulating Marape said Tari-Pori has set a bench mark in the country.

He added that if Tari-Pori Open electorate is the first to deliver their member-elect, other electorates in other regions can do the same.

Meanwhile, Marape thanked his people for trusting and having confidence in his leadership. 

Gamato explains burning of ballot papers

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato clarified that the invalid ballot papers were burnt by presiding officers and witnessed by scrutinizers, candidates and security officials.

He explained that the ballot papers were invalid because they contained the name of the Koroba-Kopiago electorate and were to be used at Tari Pori.

This came after a government decision to split the 26 wards of the Avi-Pori local area in Tari-Pori electorate.