Marape Votes, Thanks PNG

On Monday 4 July 2022, incumbent Tari-Pori Member and the country’s 8th Prime Minister James Marape took to the polls to cast his vote in the village of Papiali in Tari, Hela Province.

“I want to officially relay my appreciation to our people right across the country for their good turnout during the campaign period. 

Marape said generally, the campaign period concluded on a ‘good note.’ Acknowledging a few incidents that took place around the country however stating “there were no substantial incidents” in Hela Province. 

“Up until the moment I left Tari today (July 4), nomination, campaign and polling went smoothly in general sense for Hela Province.” 

Marape added, “I think that was the environment and mood right across the country so I just want to take this time to appreciate our people for allowing the process of democracy to flow in nomination, campaigning and now voting.”

He wished Papua New Guineans who are yet to cast their votes at the polls, a safe polling period and appealed to provincial governments and district administrations to assist the electoral commission with public servants manpower and transport resources. 

“So that they can assist the electoral commission ensure that whatever support that needs to be made is made on the ground for us to complete delivery of polling as well as start the process of counting at the very earliest,” said Marape.

Marape emphasized that the entire electoral process is time bound by the date for the return of writs, which is July 29, 2022. 

Marysila Kellerton