Susu Mamas

K30,000 For Susu Mamas

This donation will contribute to the organisation’s work of providing free primary health care services to children and women.

Executive general manager, banking, Lesieli Taviri, said: “We at Kina Bank will continue to navigate through the uncertainties and challenges presented by COVID-19 to provide much-needed essential services and support to our customers and clients.

The best care at Susu Mamas

Turkai received the news from a midwife at Susu Mamas, a non-governmental organisation focused on family and youth health services. Her first child was born via caesarean, which put Turkai in a higher risk category for her second child, due in November.

“Of course I was worried when they told me I was a high-risk mother, but I was also confident I would get the best care at Susu Mamas,” said Turkai.

“Now, with my baby nearly due, I’m at ease. They monitor me regularly and keep close track of how my baby is doing.”

Public health still a problem in PNG: NGO

According to Susu Mamas, PNG still has one of the highest mortality rates for children under five years of age in the Western Pacific Region.

Susu Mamas is a registered national non-government organisation providing free integrated primary health care services, including maternal and child health services in a number of urban health facilities and mobile rural outreach services.