Madang HIV stats alarming

Numbers of reported HIV and related sexually transmitted infections (STI) have subsequently increase since the beginning of the year. As of last month, 14 people have been diagnosed as living with HIV.

Dr. Susan Kima and her team are now conducting weekly outreach programs for residents and general public. After three successful outreach programs, a fourth setup was established at the Redscar Traffic Office. They intend to set up eight stations.

Oral sex spreading unstoppable bacteria

It warns that if someone contracts gonorrhoea, it is now much harder to treat, and in some cases impossible.

The sexually transmitted infection is rapidly developing resistance to antibiotics.

Experts said the situation was "fairly grim" with few new drugs on the horizon.

About 78 million people pick up the STI each year and it can cause infertility.

The World Health Organization analysed data from 77 countries which showed gonorrhoea's resistance to antibiotics was widespread.