Southern Highlands

Hela and SHP MPs promise to deliver projects initiated by late Agiru

Loop PNG’s Political and Business Editor FREDDY MOU reports on events after his death at the PIH.  This is part three of a four-part series.

In a collective statement, the MPs expressed their desire to see the projects and commitments of the Late Governor to be continued and properly funded by the Government.

They highlighted that many of these projects are ongoing and the Government has already started implementing these for completion in Hela and the Southern Highlands.

Agiru, shining star of Hela – in deed a political icon of our day

Loop PNG’s Political and Business Editor FREDDY MOU reports on events after his death at the PIH.  This is the first part of a four-part series.

The body of late Hela Governor Anderson Agiru will be laid to rest at Dauli tomorrow.

Today marks 22 days since late Agiru’s death on April 28.

Hela's favourite son died at around 10am on April 28, 2016 at the Pacific International Hospital in Port Moresby.

Late Agiru died of a suspected heart attack.

11 planes to fly late Agiru home

Large crowds have converged at the airport, looking for a chance to get on the plane.

The body of the late Agiru will be flown to Mendi and then to Hela.

Out of those 11 charters, four left yesterday while the remaining ones will depart today.

A huge gathering is expected at the Tari airport to welcome the body of late Agiru.

More details to come.

Piggery farmer’s dream for a butchery

The Jay Zero Farm piggery project owner, Pastor James Dima, said currently piglets are sold at K500 to K600 each.

This is to help them buy feed and save enough money to set up a feed mill in a nearby location.

Pr Dima’s plan is that once the feed mill is established within the area, it will reduce the cost of buying feed from elsewhere and freight cost.

He said the next step would be to build a butchery to supply the pork demands of Mendi town, surrounding areas and others.

Mobile policemen fight odds to get uni degrees

You have to have nerves of steel especially if you are a mobile squad member to be called by your superiors at moment’s notice to go into some of the most difficult terrain to quell lawlessness such tribal fights.

For Mendi-based Mobile Squad 10 (MS 10) members, Sergeant Danny Yawiro (right) and Senior Constable Simon Rainje (left) to combine police work in such a tough environment and do university study is no easy feat.