South Fly MP Aide Ganasi

Infrastructure network essential for citizens, states Ganasi

Although the province hosts the Ok Tedi mine, road network and infrastructure were in a terrible condition.

Speaking at the announcement of three impact projects which will be launched soon in Kiunga, South Fly MP Aide Ganasi said a province-wide infrastructure network is essential so that people can work their land and move their produce to the markets.

The three impact projects include the Ningerum-Ok Tedi River Bridge construction, Drimgas Fly River Bridge construction and the redevelopment of the Kiunga District Hospital.

Treatment plant for Daru transferred to Yangoru, confirms Duma

State Enterprise Minister William Duma confirmed in Parliament today when responding to question without notice from South Fly MP Aide Ganasi.

The local MP asked why the K7 million state-of-the-art plant was given to Yangoru Station in East Sepik Province.

"The reason was that, Water PNG realised that there was no point to hold on to this expensive plant when waiting for Water PNG and PNGSDP to come to an agreement.

"I can assure the good Member that the replacement had already been bought and awaiting shipment from Brisbane, Australia," Duma said.

25,000 residents still use buckets to remove waste

Daru is the provincial capital of the least developed but resource rich Western Province.

South Fly MP Aide Ganasi, in a series of questions in Parliament today, asked State Enterprise Minister William Duma if Water PNG had plans to build a sewerage system for Daru Island.

He added that PNG Sustainable Development Program (PNGSDP) committed millions of Kina to help fund the construction of sewerage and water system but it now stands idle after they pulled out there years ago.