Infrastructure network essential for citizens, states Ganasi

Road projects and other key infrastructure provisions will open up remote areas of Western Province to improve accessibility for its citizens.

Although the province hosts the Ok Tedi mine, road network and infrastructure were in a terrible condition.

Speaking at the announcement of three impact projects which will be launched soon in Kiunga, South Fly MP Aide Ganasi said a province-wide infrastructure network is essential so that people can work their land and move their produce to the markets.

The three impact projects include the Ningerum-Ok Tedi River Bridge construction, Drimgas Fly River Bridge construction and the redevelopment of the Kiunga District Hospital.

The two bridges will be built the crossing east and west banks of Ok Tedi River while the bridge across the Fly River will rapidly open up Western Province towards major socioeconomic opportunity for the province and the country as a whole.

Ganasi said the current and new natural resource projects will put Western Province as the new economic hub of PNG due to its comparative location and related advantages linked to the resource operations in northern Australia, Indonesia and the rest of South east Asia.

He added that the redevelopment and upgrading of the Kiunga hospital signifies the importance of infrastructure that will support rural health services in the province.

Ganasi said ongoing health dialogue with the Department of Health will further consolidate and address critical health issues in the province.

The province is currently without a political head as its Governor, Ati Wobiro, has been found guilty of misappropriation of funds and out on bail while the North Fly MP, Boka Kondra, was also sidelined, awaiting court decision.

Freddy Mou