25,000 residents still use buckets to remove waste

The 25,000 residents of Daru Island still follow the black bucket practice to remove human wastes, after 40 years of independence.

Daru is the provincial capital of the least developed but resource rich Western Province.

South Fly MP Aide Ganasi, in a series of questions in Parliament today, asked State Enterprise Minister William Duma if Water PNG had plans to build a sewerage system for Daru Island.

He added that PNG Sustainable Development Program (PNGSDP) committed millions of Kina to help fund the construction of sewerage and water system but it now stands idle after they pulled out there years ago.

In response, Minister Duma said the state owned water supplier started providing water supply to Daru Island from the mainland 28 years ago.

"The cost of collecting the water and transporting to the island outweighs the number of people and it's not economical, and Water PNG is providing water as a community service."

Duma said developing a sewerage system will be an expensive exercise and uneconomical to sustain.

The Minister added that PNGSDP did not transfer materials and funding to Water PNG before it left.

Picture source: pnglocaltourist.blogspot.comĀ 

Charles Yapumi