Sir Nagora Bogan

Sir Nagora expresses sadness over Basil’s move

Basil along with other 11 MPs from the PANGU Pati moved to the Government side on Monday, Sept 11, 2017.

The prominent Morobean leader said: “It is indeed a disparaging verdict on the leadership style, demeanour and values of the honourable Member from Bulolo.

“I say this because PANGU has a rich history and record of leading Papua New Guinea out of colonialism to self-rule and many voters around the country were happy to see Sam Basil, who got re-elected in 2012 as an independent Member of Parliament, take the reins of the Party in 2016.

Sir Nagora calls on PM to admit cash flow crisis

He said this will only set him and his ruling party and the government free so we can proactively find solutions to rescue our country from the deep pit of soaring debts.

Sir Nagora said he is heartened by the fact that tax has emerged as one of many topical campaign issues in the forthcoming elections.

He said the decency of truth about the gross mismanagement of the economy hurts and this has provoked the direct attack against him from the PM.

He made reference specifically to O’Neill’s spurious assertion about GST in The National newspaper recently.

Former governor pays tribute to Philemon

"He thought of the majority of the people and stood tall by his words." This was how former Morobe governor, Luther Wenge, described the former Post-Courier chief editor.

He paid tribute during the funeral at the St Paul Lutheran Church in Lae yesterday.

Wenge said Oseah was a no-nonsense man who didn't affiliate with any political parties or mingle with politicians. He was purely neutral.

Morobe has truly lost a leader who fought and stood for all Papua New Guineans and developed the country through his fair and just writing, said the former governor.

Sir Bogan to speak at Australian seminar

Sir Bogan will be speaking at the Australian National University’s Barton Theatre on December 8th where he will cover the TRC’s comprehensive review of the country’s tax system and the reports which were formally presented to the PNG Government in November, 2015.

Sir Nagora resigns as BSP Director

Chairman of the BSP Group, Sir Kostas G. Constantinou made the announcement today.

Sir Kostas in a statement said it is with great appreciation of a long term and significant contribution that the Board has accepted Sir Nagora Bogan’s resignation.

He has been a Director of BSP since 2003.

The Chairman acknowledged that Sir Nagora Bogan had contributed immensely over the years as Director of the Board and as a member of the Board Audit & Risk Compliance Committee.

Unitech Council yet to reach decision on 2016 academic year

 Unitech Chancellor Sir Nagora Bogan confirmed to Loop PNG this afternoon.

The Council had a meeting yesterday in Lae, Morobe Province.

 "Given the sensitivity, gravity and complexity of the matter it is incumbent that we clear legal and technical matters so I am not in a position to make any formal announcement to confirm Councils' decision," Sir Nagora said.

He added that a formal announcement will be made early next week after legal advice.

Sir Nagora Bogan is still Unitech Chancellor

The State run institute situated in Lae, Morobe Province had supported their sister universities and had boycotted classes for over a month now.    

Minister of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology Malakai Tabar confirmed this afternoon in Parliament that, “Sir Nagora Bogan is still the chancellor and (rumours) posted on Facebook by faceless people (of his removal) is not true.”

Meanwhile, the Minister urged students to return to classed because that is there responsibility.

Rapid developments outstripped policies, says tax expert

Sir Nagora says our economy has expanded so fast and become more complex, but the most risky feature is that our economy is too dependent on the non-renewable extractive sector.

“We have a small manufacturing base, a tourism base that is shackled by expensive airfares and perception of law and order, a fisheries base that has untapped potential as we have 30% of the world’s tuna but yet collect a pittance in licence fees, a forestry sector that is maligned and exploited with less regard for environmental and inter-generational considerations.”

Get the tax reform right: Bogan

He said this entrapment can occur when you consider that tax is something you live with from cradle to grave.

Sir Nagora made these remarks when presenting the Tax Review Report to the Treasurer Patrick Pruaitch on Wednesday in Port Moresby.

He pointed out that in the design and architecture of tax reform, it is important to see the tax system as a “system” rather than consider its different elements in isolation.

He said the silo approach to tax reform ignores the fact that tax systems are part of the fabric of a nation.

People must realise and appreciate tax reform: Bogan

He said what the people needed to realize and appreciate was that tax reform is complex.

“It involves different stakeholders with diverse interest and trade-off. It affects people across different political, economic and social strata of society.”

Sir Nagora says that it also creates winners and losers, who will vociferously defend their interest, however many of the interests may be contrary to public good and the best interests of PNG.