Rita Flynn Court

​Turi condemns candidates’ claims

His statement follows allegations of foul play by four of the top candidates for the NCD regional seat, including Jamie Maxtone Graham, Steven Kilage and former NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Andy Bawa.

The candidates alleged that during an incident on Sunday night, where scrutineers and electoral officers were assaulted and chased from the Rita Flynn Sports Complex, police illegally moved a number of ballot boxes.

However, Commander Ben Turi says the only actions taken at that time at the courts of Rita Flynn were to bring order to the area.

Five lucky to be alive

The 10-seater had five people in the vehicle, three men and a woman including the driver. All were from the Highlands and were allegedly under the influence of alcohol.

According to witnesses, the driver was travelling at high speed   and lost control at the roundabout which caused him to spin out of control and into a small drain near  a house.