​Turi condemns candidates’ claims

​The National Capital District Metropolitan Superintendent has condemned claims that he was involved in the illegal movement of ballot boxes.

His statement follows allegations of foul play by four of the top candidates for the NCD regional seat, including Jamie Maxtone Graham, Steven Kilage and former NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Andy Bawa.

The candidates alleged that during an incident on Sunday night, where scrutineers and electoral officers were assaulted and chased from the Rita Flynn Sports Complex, police illegally moved a number of ballot boxes.

However, Commander Ben Turi says the only actions taken at that time at the courts of Rita Flynn were to bring order to the area.

“The police are there to keep law and order and we will do our utmost best to ensure that is carried out,” he says.

Turi says these allegations are mere words that will not stop him and his men from doing their job during the election period.

(Polling kits at the Rita Flynn Complex last week)

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Imelda Wavik