Rimbunan Hijau

Stanley Hotel officially opened for business

He said this during the Grand Opening of the five star hotel in Port Moresby last night (Oct 20).

O’Neill said the change in the country was a result of government policy implementations, government partnerships with the private sector, and Second LNG project.

“Our country is changing, and it is bringing better opportunities for our citizens and businesses.

“And this Stanley Hotel is part of that change. I welcome this hotel and it gives me great pleasure to officially open this hotel,” O’Neill said.

Papua New Guinea’s deforestation problem

Eleven years ago, PNG formed the Coalition for Rainforest Nations and presented the idea of REDD to the UN climate meeting in Montreal.

The architect of REDD, Kevin Conrad, completed his MBA in International Finance at Columbia University in 2005. For his final MBA project, Conrad looked at whether the money from carbon credits could be as profitable as logging in Papua New Guinea. He decided that it could.