Queenpads partner to promote menstrual health

And their mission to Wewak in the East Sepik Province found the importance of menstrual hygiene for women and girls was brought to the forefront. This enabled the collaborative effort for the sponsorship of a vital awareness campaign.

This campaign seeks to educate not only women and young girls but also the broader community, including men, on the significance of open dialogue and proper practices in menstrual health hygiene.

Queenpads address menstrual needs in Fiji

During the workshop, some Queenpads were introduced to Fijian Queens while others were donated to a Feminist Free Shop in Nadi to benefit disadvantaged menstruating individuals in the area.

According to Korave, menstrual challenges are a global concern, and it is the responsibility of PMHN members to address these needs and challenges at the regional level through collaboration for access to basic information and menstrual hygiene products.