Puma Energy Limited

BSP Clarifies Puma Energy Accounts Closure

BSP initiated a 90-day notice to cease operations on June 9, 2023, citing reasons already communicated to the Bank of Papua New Guinea and the Financial Analysis and Supervision Unit, which have also been relayed to the government.

Following a request from the government, BSP extended the account closure deadline to 8th March 2024. Presently, Puma Energy's account with BSP remains operational. 

By March 8, 2024, Puma will have had a nine-month window to responsibly manage its affairs and establish alternative banking arrangements.

Air Niugini suspends flights

This restriction applies to Port Moresby and all the airports around PNG. Unfortunately there is no alternative supplier of aviation fuel in most airports, including Port Moresby.

Consequently Air Niugini is forced to announce that all domestic flights from 0001 tomorrow (Thursday 5 January) have had to be cancelled due to Puma Energy’s refusal to supply Jet A1 fuel to the airlines. These cancelations will have to be ongoing until Puma’s restrictions are removed.

Puma Energy supplies fuel for medical ship

However, the ship needs fuel to head out into the open seas and Puma Energy has jumped right in with much needed help of fuel and lubricants for the medical ship.

YWAM Program Strategy and Partner Relations, Dr Sarah Dunn says the YWAM team is very excited and mounting up to head out to Kikori district in Gulf for the next two weeks.

“The main thing that we need to propel us to get out to those remote communities is fuel and it’s a real privilege to have our friends and our partners- Puma Energy for providing us the much needed fuel for our trips,” says Dr Dunn.