Port Moresby 2017

Taxi drivers commit to promoting women’s safety

This follows a recent Gender and Human Rights Sensitisation Training conducted by UN Women.

Representatives from taxi companies; Comfort Taxis, Kanny Transport Services, City Loop and individual operators, who attended the training, discussed issues regarding the safety of women and girls in Port Moresby’s public spaces and their role as public transport providers to take action to address this social concern.

Govt budgeted for infrastructure, assures Lupari

This was the assurance Lupari recently gave to members of the Diplomatic Community, who are also representatives of the 20 economies.

The Chief Secretary said infrastructure development has been a part of government’s key priorities and therefore has been budgeted for by the Government.

“You will see in Port Moresby, the road network is absolutely fantastic,” he said.

“We knew that we would have some issues trying to take leaders to their accommodation therefore the flyover was built to make it easier.

Sluggish Pom traffic flow

A few more PMV buses have joined their colleagues on the road, but traffic is still sluggish.

Even though it’s a public holiday, major shopping outlets like Vision City and RH are open.

Meanwhile, clouds and sun should be expected in Port Moresby today, according to AccuWeather.

Pom buses grounded for New Year

The city seems unusually quiet whilst the main bus stops had only one or two empty buses.

Loop PNG caught up with one of the commuters who were seen walking along the main highways.

Leah, who is renting out a place near Vadavada, said she was already late for work but had to walk up past Manu Autoport, which is normally packed with buses, all the way to Three-Mile. There was not one single bus in sight!

“It’s not always safe but if you’re walking with people, it’s better,” says Leah.