Govt budgeted for infrastructure, assures Lupari

Infrastructure development for APEC 2018 has been budgeted for since 2013, assures Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari.

This was the assurance Lupari recently gave to members of the Diplomatic Community, who are also representatives of the 20 economies.

The Chief Secretary said infrastructure development has been a part of government’s key priorities and therefore has been budgeted for by the Government.

“You will see in Port Moresby, the road network is absolutely fantastic,” he said.

“We knew that we would have some issues trying to take leaders to their accommodation therefore the flyover was built to make it easier.

“We are also collaborating with the private sector for accommodation and we are collaborating with the National Capital District Commission in making sure that Ela Beach is part of the development.

“Besides that, we have invested in the training of Papua New Guineans and some of the successes that we have had are the hosting of meetings and games in the country.

“We have had people involved since day one, in terms of protocol, in terms of logistical assistance, so since 2013, the government has been investing strategically in preparation for APEC 2018.”

The Chief Secretary said for 2017, the Government has budgeted K250 million for APEC 2018.

He further added that where there is need for additional funding, of course the Government will find a way to source the funding needed.

“The Government is fully committed to APEC 2018,” reiterated Lupari.

“We are collaborating with the public and private sector and making sure that they take part in the hosting of APEC 2018.”

(The new road connecting Nine-Mile to Rainbow in the nation’s capital)

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