Pasin Tumbuna Day 2016

K10,000 for Pasin Tumbuna Day program

The National Cultural Commission (NCC) is the latest to come on board with its contribution to support the Park’s initiative to encourage preservation, safeguarding, protection and promotion of the indigenous Papua New Guineans’ traditional culture.

The Pasin Tumbuna Day (day of our ancestors) is scheduled to be staged at Nature Park on September 24. It will be open to the public to participate in traditional weaving, face painting, carving, traditional food, games, music, display of artefacts and more.

Over 20 cultural groups set for Pasin Tumbuna Day

Port Moresby Nature Park and PNG Tourism Promotion Authority have announced the inclusion of this new event, which will complement the Tourism Week celebrations.

The event, to be hosted at the Park, will be completely unique in its approach to other cultural celebrations. It will provide visitor participation in activities such as basket weaving, bilum making, traditional food processing and preparation, the art of carving, and playing of traditional games.