Over 20 cultural groups set for Pasin Tumbuna Day

Over 20 cultural groups will be showcasing their traditions during the ‘Pasin Tumbuna Day’ on September 24.

Port Moresby Nature Park and PNG Tourism Promotion Authority have announced the inclusion of this new event, which will complement the Tourism Week celebrations.

The event, to be hosted at the Park, will be completely unique in its approach to other cultural celebrations. It will provide visitor participation in activities such as basket weaving, bilum making, traditional food processing and preparation, the art of carving, and playing of traditional games.

Nature Park general manager Michelle McGeorge stated that: “The idea of Pasin Tumbuna Day is to learn and see the cultural skills and traditions that are at risk with the pressures of modernisation”.

“We want people to come out and actually try their hand in traditional activities to see the skill and craftsmanship involved and really connect with a side of culture not often promoted in cultural days,” Ms McGeorge further added. 

The National Cultural Commission’s senior festival officer, David Waim, said they are looking forward to a new theme of cultural event and groups are working hard in preparation to showcase various skills and activities.

Port Moresby Nature Park encourages all Moresby residents to attend, particularly those with children living a modern city life who may have lost connection with traditional cultures.

“Or those who wish to develop a deeper appreciation for the diversity of cultures across the country.”

For more information, refer to Port Moresby Nature Park’s Facebook page.

(New Ireland traditional dancers during the New Ireland Provincial Day in Port Moresby on July 23.)

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