THE Party

Supplementary budget first agenda of new Parliament: Polye

Opposition leader and THE party Parliamentary leader, Don Polye said the supplementary budget will give more prominence to agriculture, tourism and human development.

Polye, who has been on the road campaigning for THE Party endorsed candidates nationwide, was speaking on Wednesday at Lucas Waka Primary School in Talasea LLG, West New Britain Province.

He outlined his budget strategies to raise much needed revenue to support the agriculture sectors which will come from;

Polye to sell Oil Search shares to fund autonomy plans

Speaking in Kokopo, East New Britain, during the Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party campaign launching on Saturday Polye announced the ambitious plan.

He said the actions would be taken if THE Party forms the next Government.

Polye promised ENB autonomy and claimed that other provinces such as Eastern Highlands, Western, Milne Bay and West New Britain were also ready for autonomy.

Polye promises autonomy for ENB

He said this when launching the campaign of three THE Party Candidates in Kokopo on Saturday.

They include former MP Sir Sinai Brown (ENB Regional), Bruno Railam (Kokopo Open), and Pius Mano (Pomio Open).

According to a statement, Polye said ENB’s road to autonomy will be off the back of tourism and heavy investments in the agriculture  sector.

Polye said the current laws governing land did not favour landowners and these would be reviewed.

Polye takes T.H.E party to rural areas

Polye recently visited Pura area in the outback of Kandep electorate carrying out awareness among the rural population.

The area is located among the rugged terrain and very remote but this did not stop Polye from visiting his people.

He took a 20 minutes helicopter ride from Mt Hagen to Pura in Kandep in the Enga province where he was welcome by more than 2,000 people.

Polye held meetings with tribal leaders and chiefs prior to his meeting with general population.

He took the opportunity to educate the people on his party’s policies.

THE Party will endorse candidates with integrity: Polye

That is the undertaking from THE Party Parliamentary and Opposition Leader, Don Polye.

Polye said the party is looking for candidates with such qualities as these, are qualities lacking in the current government.

Also parties in the Opposition will not endorse candidates to contest seats occupied by Members in Opposition benches.

Polye said, all coalition partners in the Opposition have an understanding not to oppose each other especially in certain seats now occupied by members of political parties now in the Opposition.


Polye clarifies THE Party registration

He said the party is registered both with Investment Promotion Authority and with the Office of the Registrar of Political Parties and Candidates.

His comments come following reports that the Registrar of Political Parties and Candidates has indicated that a certain political party is about to be deregistered for failing to register with the Investment Promotion Authority.

Polye added that THE party is vibrant and ready to “work with coalition partners” to form the next government after the 2017 general election.