Lifestyle diseases on rise in Bougainville

A research has been carried out in the region and has revealed that diseases like diabetes is very common amongst the population.

The lack of exercise to keep physically fit, the consumption of sweets, especially soft drinks and a lot of sugar is now a common habit.

Underage smoking and drinking of alcohol is rampant all over the region and this has now led to obesity and diabetes.

Dr Patrick Diou of the Bougainville division of health told PNG Loop it has now  become worse over the years despite awareness campaigns by the health division.

Breast Cancer: Are you at risk?

Being Female:

While it might seem obvious that women are more likely to get breast cancer, men can get it, too. However, a woman is about 100 times more likely than a man to get breast cancer.


A woman's risk for breast cancer increases with age. In fact, about two-thirds of invasive breast cancers are discovered in women age 55 or older.

Inherited Gene Mutations: